This baby elephant video is so sweet! Watch this baby elephant fall asleep on camera. Babies are babies, and this baby elephant is no different as you see in this baby elephant video it needs snuggles to fall asleep!

Baby Elephant Sleeping Video - Kids Activities Blog
What a sweet little baby…

Sweet Baby Elephant Video

Baby elephants are so cute…

They are MASSIVE, yet so little & cute.  How is this possible?

Allie has lived with this baby elephant since it was born three weeks ago.

You can see, they’ve developed a special bond…

If this doesn’t make you say ‘aww’ today, I’m not sure what will!

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Baby Elephant Sleeping Video

It doesn’t matter how big a baby is, watching it fall asleep in someone’s lap has to be the most relaxing thing in the world.

Fun Facts About Baby Elephants

Baby elephants are the sweetest animals. Animals in general are the sweetest in my opinion. Do you want to learn some fun facts about elephants?

  • A baby elephant weighs anywhere between 200 and 300 pounds when they are born! When they’re all grown up they’ll be about 15,000 pounds.
  • Baby elephants are also tall when they are born. They are about 3 feet tall!
  • Did you know baby elephants are also called calves? I thought only baby cows were called calves!
  • Calves, baby elephants, can drink 3 gallons of milk a day! That’s a lot of milk!
  • Baby elephants are very playful.
  • When baby elephants are born they can stand after only 20 minutes of being born. And they can start walking after 1 hour! In 2 days baby elephants will be able to keep up with the elephant herd.


Did you love the sleeping elephant video?

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