One of the best things about all my favorite holidays is baking cookies, but my absolute favorite holiday to bake for is Halloween – especially these 25 Halloween Cookies! These Halloween cookie recipes are super easy! So move over store-bought cookies, we’re going to make our own spooky cookies.

25 Halloween Cookies to Make for Your Little Monsters by KidsActivitiesBlog.Com
Let’s make cookies for Halloween!

Easy Halloween Cookies recipe

So grab your stand mixer, Halloween cookie cutters, black icing, dry ingredients, parchment paper, cocoa powder, a large bowl…whatever else you may need to make the perfect Halloween treat! Grab all the tasty stuff from the baking aisle to make the best Halloween cookies.

We’re going to make spooky shapes for the spooky season!

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1. Candy Corn Sugar Cookies Recipe

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies by Kids Activities Blog are perfect to get you in the mood for Halloween! Halloween sugar cookies? Yes please!

2. Witch Hat Cookies Recipe

How sweet are these Witch Hat Cookies from Betty Crocker?! This spooky treat is sure to make you scream!

3. Spider Cookies Recipe

Princess Pinky Girl’s Spider Cookies (unavailable) aren’t scary!

4. Jack Skellington Oreo Treats Recipe

This Jack Skellington Oreo Treats from Simplistically Living will make YOU the Pumpkin King (or Queen) this Halloween! Love these easy cookie recipes.

5. Candy Corn White Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Averie Cooks’ Candy Corn and White Chocolate Cookies are fancy like Nancy!

6. Monster Eye Cookies Recipe

Lil Luna’s Monster Eye Cookies are scary good! What easy recipes!

25 Halloween Cookies to Make for Your Little Monsters by KidsActivitiesBlog.Com
These cookie recipes are too adorable to eat!

Easy Halloween Cookies

7. Frankenstein Cookies Recipe

Want even more easy Halloween cookie recipes? The Bearfoot Baker’s Frankenstein cookies are almost too cute to eat!

8.Halloween Double Chocolate Monster Cookies Recipe

Whip up a batch of Bakers Royale’s Halloween Double Chocolate Monster Cookies for your little monsters! It’ll be hard to not munch on the cookie dough.

9. Slice ‘n Bake Halloween Cookies Recipe

My kiddo cannot eat gluten, so she has never had the joy of eating the fun holiday slice n’ bake cookies from the grocery store. I can’t wait to adapt Mom Loves Baking’s Slice ‘n Bake Halloween Cookies recipe so that it is wheat-free and gluten-free!

10. Mummy Milanos Cookies Recipe

These Mummy Milanos from Chelsea’s Messy Apron, are so delicious you will want to keep them all for “mummy”!

11. Vampire Sugar Cookies Recipe

Ashlee Marie’s Vampire Sugar Cookies will make you “vant” to eat some cookies!

12. Candy Filled Black Cats Recipe

Hungry Happenings’ Candy Filled Black Cats add a fun element of surprise to a delicious cookie!

Stock up on Halloween Peeps as soon as they hit the shelves so that you can make a batch of Sally’s Baking’s Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches (unavailable).

25 Halloween Cookies to Make for Your Little Monsters by KidsActivitiesBlog.Com. Monster Cookies
These monster cookies are adorable, colorful, and absolutely kid-approved!

14. Melted Witch Cookies Recipe

“I’m melllltingggg…” or, at least these Melted Witch Cookies from Betty Crocker are!

100 Directions’ Oreo Eyeballs are such a cool way to have Halloween fun with Oreos!

Princess Pinky Girl’s Witch Hat Oreos is another fun Oreo recipe for Halloween!

Hungry Happenings’ 3D Eyeballs are so cool, and will be the hit of the party!

These Chocolate Pretzel Monsters, from Close to Home, are the perfect recipe to make for a last-minute Halloween party!

19. Wacky Monster Sugar Cookies Recipe

Pillsbury’s Wacky Monster Sugar Cookies are just that! A classic Halloween treat.

20. Band-Aid Cookies Recipe

Kidspot’s Band-Aid Cookies are a unique treat! Perfect for Halloween, or a thank you to the school nurse!

25 Halloween Cookies to Make for Your Little Monsters by KidsActivitiesBlog.Com
Which one is your favorite treat?

Easy Halloween Cookies for Kids

21. Little Ghost Cookies Recipe

Casper ain’t got nothin’ on the cuteness factor of Sarah’s Bake Studio’s Little Ghost Cookies!

Your kids will love Self Proclaimed Foodie’s Chocolate Monsters.

Lil’ Luna’s Halloween Sugar Cookie Cake would make the sweetest cake for a Halloween birthday party!

Farm Wife Feeds Make Your Own Monster Cookie Bar is the best idea for a Halloween party!

25. Pumpkin Brownie Roll Outs Recipe

The Spiffy Cookie’s Pumpkin Brownie Roll Outs are creepy and they’re kooky–or should we say “cookie”!

13 Fun Zombie Treats for Halloween by KidsActivitiesBlog.Com
Try these zombie treats together with the Halloween cookies!

More Halloween Treats recipe

What Halloween cookie recipe do you plan on making first? Comment below! 

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